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We are happy to inform you that we are now offering online virtual visits (telemedicine). This can be very useful for many conditions: rashes, pink eye, constipation, headaches, stomach pain, injuries, F/U for anxiety, ADHD, any newborn concerns, initial evaluation of the febrile illness, etc. However, there are limitations of these visits because we can't use it to diagnose strep throat, ear infection, urinary tract infection, or pneumonia. By choosing an online virtual visit, you accept limitations of these visits. It is still recommended to do these virtual visits for children who have a fever, runny nose, and/or cough in order to triage who can stay at home and who needs to be seen in the office or sent to the hospital. Although we can't listen to their lungs or check their ears, we can still listen to the way they breath or cough, or look at their chest to decide the next step.

We will be billing your insurance company for online visits and your normal copay will apply. In the case your insurance company doesn't pay for the visit, you will be billed a total amount from $50-$150 depending on the duration and complexity of the visit.

When you call the office to make an appointment, you can request a virtual appointment and will be given a specific time. You can use either your smartphone or computer, but you must have a camera and good internet connection. On either Chrome or Firefox, go to this link: that will bring you to our "waiting room". You will check in putting your child's name. Please check in 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment if possible, because the doctor may be able to see you earlier.

Before the telemedicine visit with Dr. Nik try to have basic vital signs ready:

1. Your child's temperature and the type of thermometer you used.

2. Your child's weight. If your child is not old enough to step on a scale, measure your own weight first and then your weight when holding the child, then subtract your own weight from the total.

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